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Your time is worth too much to be sitting down all day in front of a computer screen. You need to be out there, getting stuff done! We help you do that.

Your plans

We can take all forms of plans. From architect/builders plans to hand drawn. We can turn anything into professional shop drawings.

New plans

We will produce professional shop drawings for your project. All info needed is included on our plans so your client can sign off and you can start production.


Renders are a great tool to get your clients over the line. Or just as a peace of mind for both you and your clients. It always helps to know you’re both on the same page.

Job nested

Your project can then be optimised/nested. We have the ability to code to almost all CNCs on the Australian market. Meaning, what we receive from us can be sent directly to your CNC and cut. Labels included. And NO extra work on your end.

Optimised cut lists for panels saws also available.

Working with Cut & Edge services you know

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We are more than happy to work with Cut & Edge businesses to help them extend their service. Get in touch!

About us


What we do

Created by a Cabinetmaker in Melbourne who saw so many business owners being stuck to their computers when they could have been doing more of what they loved.


Noticing a bottle neck in the drawing and processing side of a job, RejigThis was created to help you by outsourcing your drawings, plans and nesting of your jobs. With the added bonus of photorealistic 3D renders too!

We have the ability to optimise/code to almost any CNC in the Australian market, therefore, what you receive from us can be sent directly to your CNC’s job folder. So just transfer files and cut! Simple.

Optimised cutlists for panel saws also available.

This costs you less than a new employee and less stress of one too!

All of our drawings, plans and nesting is done here in Australia. We support Australian workers!


$30 per cabinet
  • Professional shop drawings
  • Australian support
  • 1 free revision (revisions charged at cabinet rate after this)
  • $10 per cabinet - Nesting / Optimised
  • Approx $350 a room - Renders

Get your time back

Request a chat with us about how we could work together and make great things happen!

Example renders